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Chief Instructor


Simon is a 4th Dan Blackbelt (Yondan) and a Fukushidoin (Certified Assistant Instructor), United States Aikido Federation (USAF) in the USA. He has studied Aikido for the last 27 years. Additionally, to further his knowledge, he attends seminars with the highest ranking Aikido instructors teaching in the USA, Europe and Asia.


Aikido is a mix of graceful movements and powerful fighting techniques, a system of self-defense that is dramatically effective in defusing and controlling any kind of hostile attack, from a single unarmed person to multiple attacks from armed assailants.

The great difference in Aikido from other martial arts is that it is strictly defensive and non-violent; attackers are met and dispatched without being harmed, freeing the aikidoist from the unending repitition of meeting desctructive force with destructive force.

The heart of this art is harmony; the integration of mind, body and spirit. The techniques are based on balance, timing, and power of circular movement; advanced training connects the student to his inner power, his or her ki, the inner force in us all that can be focused for amazing results. The ultimate goal of Aikido is personal growth and development - students find the training is not just for the mat but for all aspects of life.

Aikido is a true martial art and not a sport. There are no contests and no trophies. Training is a continuing adventure of self-discovery, a lifelong discipline that leads to a healthy body, a calm mind and an open and alive spirit.

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